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  • A-40, B-1 Extn.,
  • Mohan Co-op,
  • Industrial Estate,
  • Main Mathura Road,
  • Badarpur, New Delhi-110044

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  • Tele : 011-40520889
    Email ID: info@plazaindustries.com

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This company is being run by Sh. M.K. Aggarwal as a Managing Director under the guidance of Sh. S.K.Agarwal, Chairman. The company has been established in the year 1990 and is indulged in manufacturing of Automotive & Inverters Batteries & Battery Plates. This company is fully equipped with latest and highly efficient batteries and battery plates manufacturing machines. The quality of our product is being monitored by well experienced technical staff with the help of all the testing equipments and our company is treated with full confidence and high regards in the Indian Battery Market.

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Plaza Industries manufactures extremely fine closed cell and smooth EVA sheets, Fender, Mud flaps, Battery Container, Water Protection Sheets, Rubber Bellow, Rubber Bottom Valve, Rubber Wheel, Rubber Cap.. These sheets are available in different thickness, hardness, density, quality, colours. EVA sheets at Plaza Industries. Our Products have the below mentioned charactestcs:

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